ENGL 244

English 244, 244H: Theory

4 hrs 4 crs; Prereq: English 170W.

This course explores theoretical formulations that inform the work of literary study, examining what different methodologies value, how they are articulated, and how they assign meaning to texts. The course focuses on at least three distinct critical methods, and it includes both the use of theory in interpreting specific literary texts and the critical scrutiny of theoretical texts themselves.

sample 244 syllabus #1
sample 244 syllabus #2

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  2. Karen Weingarten says:

    Jeff Cassvan and I are both teaching 244 for the first time this spring, and we’ve been communicating by email. But I thought this note I wrote him might be helpful to future 244 instructors. (I’ll update at the end of the semester with notes about how things actually went):

    I recently decided to start my syllabus with Jonathan Culler’s . When I advised students last fall about the new major so many of them gave me a blank stare when I said, “And then you’ll also need to take a Theory course.” And the response was almost always, “Theory? What’s that?” So I was starting to worry that if I just launched into giving my students specific theoretical texts then they would have no context for what we’re doing. And the advantage of Culler’s book is that, well, it’s short! And it gives a pretty good and basic overview of what theory does in literary studies.

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